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About the Site

Welcome! I have built this website primarily as a way to capture snapshots in time where I felt I had something important to say openly or to memorialize something. As a result, I make a strong effort to develop all of its pages in a single day. Anything that can't make that deadline gets cut. Further, unless a page's content is particularly poor, I make no effort to alter, adjust, or remove what I publish after the fact. The only exception to this is adjustments of stylistic and typographic errors or for pages like this where updates are reasonable. Naturally, this leads to pages being published that I will regret the content of to some degree. This is intentional, "a feature not a bug" as they say. I want to overcome my shyness of failure and to avoid the sanitization of my digital past I have liked to do and this helps tackle both of those matters. Further, I think it could also help me to be more measured in my first drafts, which is a nice benefit.

There is no set kind of content which I seek to publish here beyond the broad guideline that I only want to publish things that are personal to me or things that are unfortunately overlooked or underaddressed by most people. I don't intend to make this website purely a blog or some repository for lame political essays, but I do intend to address these topics as far as I can make something worthwhile out of them.

Finally, as a general rule, I avoid reliance on images and modify them to have very small file sizes when I do use them. I also strive to make my site accessible on a variety of displays. Additionally, I don't intend to overload most pages with bulky or obnoxious New Old Web™ style content unless I can find some justification for its inclusion, whether it be for genuine artistic or illustrative purposes.